Transparent Faith

Lessons Learned From The Plan Of Faith

Few authors recount their road to salvation and the challenges that brought them to that life-changing decision.  New author Sherrell Moore-Tucker desires to help new converts by sharing her personal testimony in her brand new book, Transparent Faith: Lessons Learned From The Plan Of Faith. An entrepreneur and speaker, Sherrell Moore-Tucker unveils the truth of her journey after coming back to God in the new writing.

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony

Revelation 12:11

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  • Jason B.

    Life Elevation Church and Atlanta Live Show Host

    This book is small but it's powerful.  It's book that you can put in the hands of somebody who's thinking about walking away from the faith.

  • Sheila H.

    Founder of Sacrifice Fitness Magazine

    Sherrell's journey was so like mine. I had lots of layers that needed to be peeled away in order to give it to God and trust the transparency of it. Sherrell gives such eye opening synergy of God's plan and ours. It give His words movement and makes us to want to run and catch it. Truly this book has blessed me.

  • Lauren B.


    Transparent Faith is a wonderful and encouraging book of faith that truly inspired me to evaluate my life and encouraged me to move forward with my God-given purpose. Sherrell's life story really gave me perspective on how life is an ongoing journey that cannot be taken lightly. This book equipped me with applicable tools and resources for shaping my character and motivated me to understand that I can't allow other people to define who I am. In return, I cannot put limits/biases on others based on my own personal experiences. Sherrell's voice comes to life on each page as she shares Biblical principles for exercising our spiritual gifts and surrendering our hearts, mindsets, emotions, and purposes to God. Through her transparency, you feel connected to her message and embrace that we are all on our own unique journey. I strongly recommend Transparent Faith to anyone who is searching for their true purpose in life and wants to understand how to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Take A Glimpse Inside Transparent Faith

Amazon Best-Selling Author Sherrell Moore-Tucker desires to help new converts by sharing her personal testimony in her brand new book, Transparent Faith: Lessons Learned From The Plan Of Faith. An entrepreneur and speaker, Moore-Tucker unveils the truth of her journey after coming back to God in the new writing.  Perfect for those who have temporarily turned away from God or those who have yet to discover Him, Transparent Faith: Lessons Learned From The Plan Of Faith takes the reader through the real-life adjustments that must take place for a surrendered life.  

Featuring a foreword from famed author, Dr. Celeste Owens, of the 40 Day Surrender Fast, the book opens with Sherrell’s story.  A familiar tale to many, Sherrell speaks of knowing God at an early age and then later in life falling away from the faith.  Through her recollections, we come to know her personally, understanding her struggles and tests.  As she expounds on her life story, she weaves scripture throughout helping the reader to understand God’s plan for their lives.  Part 1, The Plan, focuses on families: our earthly family and our spiritual family.  She reminds us of the beginning of God’s creation and His plan for mankind.  Part 2, The Process, reiterates who we are in Christ and shows us what’s needed to help us come to that understanding.  Through the book, Sherrell’s desire is that the eyes of new believers are opened to the marvelous plan that God has in store for them.

About The Author

In addition to her gifts as an author, Sherrell Moore-Tucker is a mind-body wellness advocate and a faith-based entrepreneur who is passionate about people keeping their temples healthy.  Understanding that God made the body for stretching and flexibility, she is on a mission to make health enthusiasts aware that all exercise was given to us and inspired by the Creator.  Through her company, she seeks to educate communities about the health benefits of yoga and meditation. 
Appreciating the divine connection between the mind, the body and the spirit, Sherrell uses Christian meditation, focused breathing and vibrant movements to provide a worship experience facilitating total and complete healing.  Using the Bible as a blueprint for health, Sherrell reminds people how faith, surrender and discipline can create the amazing life that God has designed for them.  
She is registered with the National Yoga Alliance and Holy Yoga Ministries.  Her background consists of studies in Christian  and breath mediation, Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga, Pilates, and modern dance.  In addition, she's the creator of the DVD, Surrender:  Body, Breath, and Spirit.  She is a contributor for Faith & Fitness Magazine, Sacrifice Fitness Magazine, AFIYA Magazine, Urban Faith, Team Jesus magazine, and Gaiam.  She has been featured in Elite Magazine by YHA, YOGAudacious, Bold Favor Magazine, AFIYA Magazine and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine.  Her television appearances includes Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Atlanta LIVE, and local shows in Maryland.  She is also, a blogger for Do You Yoga and has produced yoga podcasts for Radio One's DC Praise 104.1 FM. 
She routinely provides wellness classes and workshops to various women's groups and community-based health initiatives.  In addition to her own church, she has worked with other churches, businesses, non-profit organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, The Arc, Prince George's County Schools, Arundel Medical Center, Andrews AFB, The First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Grace Covenant Church, Sherial L. Randall Breast Health Ambassadors, and Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries.  

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